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Dogs Life is the No.1 publication in Australia and New Zealand for dogs and dog lovers. This magazine subscription has got all your canine questions covered, from information about health, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training to the latest accessories and profiled of the popular dog breeds. If you want nothing but the best for your canine companion, Dogs Life is the magazine for you! A magazine subscription to Dogs Life also makes a wonderful gift for any dog lover!

It’s our seniors and mutts special!

·         What is a mutt? Find out!

·         Oodles of fun: decipher different cross breeds

·         Learn the benefits of owning an older pet


·         Doggy eyesight: does it change as they get older?

·         How to help your other animals cope after loss

·         Tips to keep your senior pet comfortable in their twilight years

And meet even more beautiful breeds …

·         Cocker Spaniel

·         Rhodesian Ridgeback

·         Scottish Terrier

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Dogs Life  1 year subscription