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Backyard Magazine Issue 15.2

Product Code: BDI152



This issue:

We’ve all heard of the phrase thinking outside the box. Basically, it means novel or creative thinking, to think differently or unconventionally or to look at something from a different perspective. Engaging in this kind of thinking can garner some truly amazing results in almost every avenue of our lives. So why not apply it to your backyard? To kick start Backyard Essentials this issue, we take a look at unique flowers and plants to inspire some creative thinking in the garden. This feature includes information such as where to begin (as often this is the hardest part), how to arrange rare plants and also where to source them.

While planting unique flowers and plants is great in theory, it can pose a challenge. Perhaps you don’t have the right soil or climatic conditions for such plants. So how do you give them what they need to thrive? In This Weekend, you’ll learn about products that will enable you to grow more unusual species that would have otherwise struggled in your garden.  

The Makers this edition showcases the entrants, both past and present, of the Cubby House Challenge, including this year’s winners. These amazing cubby houses show some incredible innovative thinking and the designs look like they come straight from the vivid imagination of a child. 

Backyard Magazine Issue 15.2
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