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Good Organic Gardening Magazine 8.3

Product Code: GOG083




In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #8.3

Welcome to our flowery spring issue and thanks for reading!

Happily, in our climate, we can enjoy flowers all year, but there’s no time like spring for a massive floral explosion, so we couldn’t help but focus on flowers this issue. Melissa King has some lovely new releases for the ornamental garden, while Jo Immig profiles edible flowers for the plate.

Melissa also looks at two bird-attracting native flowers in the Time to Plant section. Meanwhile, Jennifer Stackhouse has chosen daylily as a Clever Crop — not only can you cook and eat the buds but the stamens stand in for saffron, too. That is clever. Jennifer also debuts our new regular section profiling an ornamental every issue, featuring salvias in all their colourful glory.

It’s not all flowers, though — there’s some more solid stuff for your table. Jennifer covers those summer vegie favourites to plant now: capsicum, eggplant and zucchini, as well as Warrigal greens or New Zealand spinach. She also has some great advice on thrifty gardening: how to make your food gardening a real money-saving undertaking.

Good Organic Gardening Magazine 8.3
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