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Dogs Life Magazine Issue 141

Product Code: DLF141



Dogs Life issue 141

DOGSLife 141 is on sale now. This issue is our puppy special, packed with all sorts of tips every puppy owner or owner-to-be needs, from advice on how to choose your new pup, to exercising it safely, to the five most common mistakes new pup owners could make — are you putting your precious new pet at risk?

Of course, we have lots in store for the more mature members of the canine household. We learn more about foreign body obstructions, one of the most common reasons dogs are admitted to an emergency vet, and get some top tips on preventing portly pooches and stopping escaping dogs. We also catch up with Dr Chris Brown and discover why he thinks it’s so important that we all focus on keeping Australia pet-friendly.

Dogs Life Magazine Issue 141
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