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Pets Magazine Issue 55

Product Code: PLF056



Issue 55 - May/June 2016

This is our rescue and rehoming special, where we celebrate the joy that can be found in adopting an animal (and saving its life). Learn how to choose the best rescue pet for you and your family; find out what to do if you should ever run into an animal in need of help; and read some fabulous stories of rescue success, guaranteed to warm your soul!

Of course, that’s not all we have in store. We also learn more about the Pomeranian, Curly Coated Retriever, Appaloosa and Crested guinea pig, and find out what to do if your dog has a seizure — is your pet at risk? There’s also a whole heap of fabulous behaviour advice inside, including tips on bringing your dog’s energy level down from a ten to a much more manageable two.

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Pets Magazine Issue 55
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