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Bike Guide 2016 #9

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From the Editor

We live in interesting times. From any angle, the Australian motorcycle industry is as exciting and diverse as it has been at any other time since we went metric.

With new models hitting the sales floor of new shops right across the country, we’re seeing an ever-increasing number of newcomers as well as returning riders who are now in a position to fulfil those youthful dreams. People aren’t just buying new bikes; they’re riding them. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 45,013 new road bikes were sold in 2015, a 2.6 per cent increase on 2014. A total of 37,892 off-road bikes were also sold, an increase of 0.8 per cent.

Scooter sales declined by 22.7 per cent from 2014 and on that basis, we have chosen to concentrate on motorcycles. The fun doesn’t just apply to experienced road riders; we’re also covering all of the three-wheelers as well as the LAMS bikes for new riders.

Our inclusion of a separate section for LAMS bikes last year was popular and again we have focussed on this major part of the market. New riders need riding gear to go with their new adventure, as do buyers of new bikes. Actually, existing riders need new gear every now and then, too. To help you with your buying decision, we’ve introduced the Gear For You section — a great avenue for purveyors of protective gear and other accessories to share the good news.

Riding motorcycles is fun and buying a new bike is one of the most memorable experiences of any rider’s life. Let’s work together to increase the excitement. I remember reading similar guides to this in the late 1970s before I started riding. My teenage dreams of future purchases and heroic rides were enhanced by guides like this. Buy an extra copy and pass it along to the potential future rider in your life. They’ll thank you for it.

Mick Withers

Bike Guide 2016 #9
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