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Choosing a School NSW #32

Product Code: CASNSW32



Choosing a School for your Child NSW is celebrating a new look and an ever-extending range of educational articles published in its colour feature section. 

As a long-established directory for parents wanting the very best in secondary education for their child, Choosing a School offers information on every secondary and boarding school in the Greater Sydney and Canberra areas, extending from Wollongong to Newcastle and the Blue Mountains. And it now boasts a thorough and highly topical feature section that addresses the current landscape of Australian education, and offers advice on everything from HSC and scholarships to International Baccalaureate and Extracurricular Development Opportunities. 

Education 2016/2017: The big picture

An overview of the current NSW education system.

Choosing a school for your child

For many parents, choosing the right school for their child is a daunting and difficult task. We show you how and where to start.

Education options in NSW

While the broad range of schooling options currently available to parents reflects a well-developed and thriving education system, the choice can be a little overwhelming. We explain all available educational options and school types in NSW to help parents with their difficult decision.

Inspirational principals

Meet three very passionate principals who enjoy motivating students and teachers alike.

Understanding the HSC

A breakdown of what to expect from the Higher School Certificate, the NSW Record of School Achievement and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.


Choosing a School NSW #32
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