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Join the magazine, the app and the community that is EatWell. With over 70 recipes EVERY edition, giving you quick tasty and healthy meal solutions!
As you enter the magazine you encounter regular tips from the chefs and bloggers that have helped us put each issue together. They impart their first-hand experience. As the story unfolds you get a sense that our chefs actually do care about good food and health. Too often we’ve seen these things as separate, but in the real world they belong together. Chefs are busy people with busy lives – like you they can’t smear duck fat on every potato, but they love a fresh coriander papaya Barramundi salad on the run…

Life’s short…. outsource your food plan to people who love healthy good food.

EatWell Issue 12

EatWell issue 11 focuses on nourishing the people who mean the most to us: our friends and family. We’ve taken popular family meals and given them some healthy, delicious tweaks, like Smokey Beef & Lentil Bolognese, Eggplant Meatballs and Crunchy Clustery Cocoa Pops. Nothing says “I love you” more than a bowl of warming soup or broth, and in this issue you’ll find plenty of healing recipes. Discover new ways to get that daily dose of fibre and pimp up your poultry skills in our chicken recipes feature. But wait, there’s more! What if your kids could channel their energy into making a healthy meal that’s equal parts satisfying and nutritious? That’s where we step in and get your kids in the kitchen. And, when you need a break, join us as we escape the cooler months and head to Spain, perfecting our seasonings like a local señorita or señor! Plus, meet local nut growers, grow rhubarb in your backyard and discover the importance of healthy soil. Also, get friendly with apples and sweet potatoes, find out what fruit and veg are in season and read the latest research on food. Devour all this and more, all served with a generous dollop of nutrition (and greens) for you and your family. 

EatWell Magazine subscription
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