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Join the EatWell community! Featuring more than 70 recipes in each edition, EatWell offers you quick, tasty and healthy meal solutions in a beautifully designed magazine. Discover fantastic tips and tricks from well-known chefs, nutritionists, naturopaths and food bloggers who are passionate about good food and health. Often, food and health are viewed as separate but at EatWell we take a holistic approach and believe they work together. Chefs are busy people with busy lives and, like you, they can’t smear duck fat on every potato or cook an eight-course degustation each night. One thing they do have in common with everyday home cooks is that they love healthy, wholesome and nourishing food. Grab yourself a copy and out-source your weekly cooking and baking to people who love healthy, great food

What's inside Eatwell #28: 

With more than 100 nutritious recipes, EatWell #28 will inspire you to think about your impact on the planet. Find out which foods have the smallest environmental footprints, what fruit and vegies are in season and the latest food and health news. This summer, enjoy fresh and easy superfood salads and discover our favourite meals served with relish, chutney and sauce – you might be surprised! For your next kids’ party, why not give the little ones some healthy treats like peanut butter popcorn bars and cheesy twists? Discover the secret to baking the perfect loaf of spelt bread, the magic of kefir and learn how to cook with broccoli rabe. Still hungry? Bring some Ethiopian taste to your cooking, discover five unusual fermented foods and meet some friendly strawberry growers. Of course, the warm, languid days of summer just beg to be finished off with a cooling, delicious dessert. That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole recipe section to chilled desserts. Enjoy!



EatWell Magazine subscription
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