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My First Motorcycle Learn to Ride

Product Code: MFM001



In this special one-shot, we take the new rider on a step-by-step journey, teaching the enthusiastic new rider how to get licensed, buy the right bike and riding gear, join riding groups and learn through coaching and training.
Getting your license can be intimidating and purchasing a new bike and gear can be a hard task for an inexperienced person, or a ‘newbie’. Our aim is to make it easier for you. We teach you about insurance companies, manufacturers, gear distributors, schools, buying a bike, training and finance companies plus lots more.
Freedom, exhilaration, excitement and belonging to a brotherhood... these are all feelings a new motorcyclist will experience and we will celebrate that with you. We will also help to settle your nerves and ease you into motorcycling with as much back-up knowledge as you need. What’s countersteering? Why do I need to adjust my levers? How do I know if my tyres are safe? Where can I go riding and meet others? How do I know my local shop is not ripping me off? We can answer these questions and more – plus of course the most important ones – Which bike should I buy and what gear do I need? What suits my budget? Where can I get these things?

My First Motorcycle Learn to Ride
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