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Good Organic Gardening offers the best advice for productive gardening and is the only gardening magazine that goes all the way to the dining table. We reckon that great fresh food is the satisfaction of good gardening.

If you love growing your own, doing things in harmony with nature, and finding new ways to put fresh produce on the table, Good Organic Gardening will give you a new view of great ways to bring produce from the garden to the table.

In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #8.1

This issue, Jennifer Stackhouse looks at ways to make a garden accessible and manageable for people with a disability.

Speaking of the horses and chickens, Claire Bickle offers some ideas on plants to grow for our pets, whether it’s to provide them with much-needed minerals and vitamins, help their digestive systems, keep parasites and bugs at bay or prevent stomach ulcers (horses!). She also gives us the goods on scented pelargoniums — so many to choose from, with all different kinds of perfumes.

Other featured plants include kale, parsnip, asparagus, bay laurel, celtuce and licorice covered by Jennifer; and from Melissa mulberry and feijoa as well as a range of dwarf fruit trees for the compact home orchard. Our power plant is another one grown more for its foliage, though it does produce edible fruit and spectacular flowers: passionflower, specifically Passiflora incantata.

We’ve gone a little crafty in The Shed with how-tos on braiding garlic and stringing onions. Not only is this a great way to showcase your homegrown alliums, but this method of storage makes them last longer because there’s better airflow around them than in a vegie bin.

Megg Miller looks at winter care for the chooks, plus we have the usual inspiring Gardening Folk profiles as well as the story of how a farming couple from outer Sydney made the changeover to organic growing. Read about the amazing things it did for their soil, their harvest and their lives.

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Good Organic Gardening Magazine subscription
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