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Grand Designs Australia Sourcebook #3

Product Code: GDAS03



The popularity of Grand Designs Australia is driven then, by those who are looking for something special; something that they can create which is about them and the way they want to live; not a cookie cutter version of the house next door of which many of our suburbs around the country are sadly littered.

Creating a special place to call home requires personal involvement, however unless you are trained as an architect or designer, the best results may not occur. Sure you can do your research about the style you like, the finishes you want and the furnishings you desire and by all means get involved, however by leaving the technical and artistic creation of your design to a professional you will without doubt achieve a superior project.

This sourcebook is created to stimulate your imagination and assist you to move forward with your project. It is designed to offer you suggestions for and places to find products and materials for your ideas book as well as where to go to find an architect, builder, engineer, interior designer – in fact the team who can help you realise your dream build.

Grand Designs Australia Sourcebook #3
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