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Dogs Life magazine is the No. 1 publication in Australia and New Zealand for dogs and dog lovers. This magazine subscription has got all your canine questions covered; from information about health, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training to the latest accessories and profiles of the popular dog breeds.

If you want nothing but the best for your canine companion, Dogs Life is the magazine for you! A magazine subscription to Dogs Life also makes a wonderful gift for any dog lover!

Current issue now on sale - Dogs Life issue 145- the SENIORS issue

This time it’s our seniors and rescue special, something we’re super passionate about.

It’s a sad fact that our pets get older, but it’s something we inevitably have to face at some time or other. Our beloved furry friends can’t remain young forever.

I’m sure there are little things I do that annoy our older dog too, and that’s what prompted me to find out more about the things us humans do that can irritate our pets. Like me, I’m sure you’d do anything to make your pet smile. I really enjoyed reading this checklist on page 56.

Another article that struck home for me was Reliable Recalls. While my older dog is great at coming when called, my younger one is starting to push her boundaries a little, and in recent months I’ve noticed her recall is less reliable — particularly when there are distractions around. This read was a great reminder for me and a good excuse to brush up both dogs’ recall skills. Recall is one of the best things your dog can have; it can save its life around busy roads, and save others if you have a dog with a too-keen interest in cats or birds! Is it time your dog got schooled with some Recall 101?

Of course, that’s not all we have in store for you this issue. We have fabulous tips from the experts on keeping your senior dog comfortable, some great advice on choosing a senior pet, interesting information on training hard-to-train dogs, and great tips on resource guarding. So sit back, give your dog a hug for us, and enjoy this edition of DOGSLife.




Dogs Life Magazine subscription
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