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Australian Road Rider Magazine Issue 145

Product Code: ARR145



This issue 145


Here’s a muscle bike for a very reasonable outlay. Buying a used BMW K 1200/1300 GT.


 Californication: The brutally cool new Duke takes the Desert Sled thing a fat step further. Crowley gets sandy on the Ducati Scrambler MACH 2.0.

Classy and Classic: Our National Launch report on the evergreen Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster.

Mistaken Identity: Benelli’s learner-friendly TRK 502 adventure bike. We’re gonna find out if it’s the real thing.

 Ready to Rumble: Royal Enfield delivers a cheap and cheerful cruiser that can.



Bucket List Super Event: The Isle of Man Classic TT. This thing goes right off. Hundreds of thousands of happy punters, wild racing and some of the finest classic hardware on the planet.

 Rixy’s Road: ARRs resident adventure guru Rixy takes on the Silk Road, two-up. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry on one of the world’s great motorcycle routes.

The Wild West: Andy Strapz grabs two modern-day desirable collector bikes and takes a few days in the hidden gem of West Australia.



 News from Cruiser World.

Big Bagger Tricks: The wild BMW K 1600 B is a hell of a thing. Leechy gives it a thorough investigation. You’ll be surprised.

Cruiser Products: Yep. You can bling that thing.


Australian Road Rider Magazine Issue 145
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