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Australian Road Rider Magazine Lucky 7

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One of Australia's best-selling motorcycle magazines, a Australian Road Rider subscription is the perfect resource for the motorcyclist who wants to get out and do something with his or her bike. Whether it's a trip to Borneo or a Sunday run up into the hills, Australian Road Rider magazine covers it all while bringing you news of the latest and greatest machines on two (and sometimes three) wheels. And there are always a few laughs to be had as well.

Inside Australian Road Rider #148:

Northern Territory: The hard way

  Japan: Edelweiss takes us on its Japanese journey

 Used Guide: Moto Guzzi’s surprising California makes for a bargain used buy

 Four blokes, four very different bikes and The Hunter


Ducati Panigale V4S: A new king on the throne

 Triumph Bobber Black: Black is the new cool

Yamaha Tracer 900 GT: Triple treat

Australian Road Rider Magazine Lucky 7
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