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Good Organic Gardening Magazine 10.1

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In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #10.1

Vol 10 No 1 May/ June 2019

You’ll no doubt agree that one of the greatest joys of gardening is meeting daily all the creatures big and minuscule that share your little patch of Earth, from butterflies and damselflies (see opposite page) to birds and goannas. It’s why we have so many ‘Garden Life’ pages in this magazine.

Bees of all kinds, of course, rank right at the very top, though those gorgeous little brilliant-blue damselflies are not far behind on my scale. We all have our favourites, though, and high on my list are frogs, so I had no hesitation when Steve McGrane suggested an article on some of the more common Australian frog species you might find in your patch.

Steve has had a fascination with these cute creatures since early childhood, so I’m guessing it was a labour of love for him. As he will tell you, the presence of frogs in your garden is a sign that it’s a healthy environment. If you want to encourage more frogs to your yard we’ve reprinted Sandra Tuszynska’s story on how to build a simple frog pond that’s so natural-looking it’s like something you’d stumble upon on a bushwalk.

Other garden life we have in this issue is duck breeds for eggs. As Megg Miller explains, ducks are very entertaining if a little messy and their eggs are large and richly flavoured. Keep a few of these fluffy comedians and your cakes will be lighter and tastier, according Megg.

As for plants, Jennifer Stackhouse covers black currant, breadfruit, asparagus, daikon, thornless blackberry and a great range of low-chill fruits, while Chloe Thomson features onion and saffron and Melissa King presents heirloom grapefruit. Claire Bickle introduces us to nut growing and Jennifer’s ornamental choice is that old-fashioned favourite, sasanqua camellia. Finally, our power plant is fragrant, bee-attracting lemon balm.

In the bigger picture, backyard permaculturist Angelo Eliades explains zone planning and how it can contribute to the efficiency of your garden, and, as always we have three real-life gardens and the gardening folk who tend them.

Finally, if you’re looking for new ideas for using your fresh produce or what’s good in the shops right now we have some delicious and nourishing recipes from Ayurveda practitioner and food guru Jody Vassallo’s newest cookbook, The Yogic Kitchen.

Enjoy your garden in the cooler weather and see you in winter,


Kerry Boyne, Editor

Good Organic Gardening Magazine 10.1