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Good Organic Gardening Magazine 10.2

Product Code: GOG10.2



In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #10.2

Vol 10 No 2 July/ August 2019

This issue it’s the cutest of the cute, possibly our most adorable native animals: gliders. Steve McGrane profiles the most common species and the accompanying images will have you wanting some in your life.

These tiny creatures certainly are lovely to have in your part of Earth. Any part of Earth! Unfortunately, you’ll rarely get the chance to see them as they’re nocturnal, but you may be able to find evidence of their presence — especially if you encourage them to move in by providing nesting boxes, which are essential to their survival.

We had some fun making nests from bits of a hollow dead tree and whatever we had in the shed to make roofs and floors. Of course, we made sure nothing was already living in the tree bits before we used them. Now we just have to install them in a stand of trees in one of the paddocks and wait for furry little tenants to move in.

If your patch is urban and lacking the trees for gliders and other tree-dwelling critters, perhaps you’d like some moving, scratching, clucking life in your garden in the form of a couple of chooks. See Megg Miller’s advice on keeping city chicks. They really do make entertaining pets — even when they’re not laying.

As for plants, this issue, Jennifer Stackhouse covers Clever Crops flax berry and red orach along with seasonal picks amaranth, medlar and all the popular citrus fruits, while Chloe Thomson looks at spinach and silverbeet plus spicy native mountain pepper, and Melissa King profiles heirloom plum varieties.

Claire Bickle continues with nuts, this time for cooler climes, and Carrol Baker suggests some winter vegies to grow in pots, while Jennifer’s ornamental choice is vibrant, iconic wattle. Our Power Plant is a lovely delicate native mint, plus we profile mulberries, which make great shade trees.

Our backyard permaculturist Angelo Eliades explains the principle of sector planning to make the most of nature’s forces in your garden or farm and we profile three different styles of garden/small farms and the gardening folk who have created them.


Editor, Kerry Boyne

Good Organic Gardening Magazine 10.2