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Bathroom Yearbook volume 23

Product Code: BYB023




Going through a reno can be quite an enjoyable experience if you’re someone who loves interiors. That being said, even the most avid consumer of design media can hit a wall when it comes to industry jargon and renovation lingo. After all, words like cornice and semi-diverter can come up and go unexplained pretty often, leaving renovators scratching their heads in confusion.

Well, fear not! This edition of Bathroom Yearbook features an exhaustive glossary that explains reno lingo to a tee. Make sure to check it out on page 22.

This annual edition is one of my favourites to edit because of all the new bathroom products and technology I get to learn about. All of this year’s best finds can be found in the comprehensive guide to bathroom must-haves on page 26.

Tech and functionality aside, it’s imperative for one’s bathroom to also embody style and beauty. It’s a space in which one relaxes and rejuvenates, so it must exude an ambience that allows for this. With that in mind, we’ve investigated the latest bathroom trends and curated stylish products and accessories perfect for your space. Check them all out on page 34.

As always, this edition of Bathroom Yearbook features a variety of stunning bathroom projects by some of the very best designers in the industry right now. Peruse these creations to find your style; I have a hunch this edition will help you finalise and complete that gorgeous bathroom you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

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Bathroom Yearbook volume 23
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