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The next thing in Puzzling is here....  

There will be FOUR different magazines in the series:  Mixed, Cross Words, Sudoku and Word Finder 

** LAUNCH SUBSCRIPTION OFFER **  SUBSCRIBE NOW and start with Mixed Puzzles #1 sent out from 8th April! 

* New to the puzzle scene is a series of ultra-satisfying publications that challenge your general knowledge as an Antipodean (i.e. true puzzlers would know that’s an Aussie or Kiwi).

* The experience is a fascinating tour of Australian, Kiwi and world general knowledge that is as pleasurable as it is gratifying.

* These mid-weight puzzles are not over the top hard, but simply fascinating. What you don’t know you learn – each edition is packed with truly fascinating facts about Aussie and Kiwi history, people and achievement.

* Tour the worlds of history, famous people, geography, sports and film stars, science and great events as you get to know this great country of ours through puzzling.

* This series not only makes you feel smarter but you’ll come away with a sense of pride in the achievements of Aussies and Kiwis.

* You will also learn stuff that people talk about in the media in a manner that is just pure fun and kind of surprising. What has more calories an Apple or a glass of Wine? How many gigalitres of water goes through the Murray Darling Basin each year? Who was our second Prime Minister?

Progress Puzzles Magazine subscription
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