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Wellbeing WILD Magazine Subscription 2 year deal

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Issue #2
Are you one of the WILD ones? Meet WILD, a new publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers and paradise creators. In WILD #2, we welcome you to the new world. Together, we explore the big questions: should you have children? Are you feeling anxious about the planet? Have you been “ghosted”? Are you sober curious? You’ll meet Australian musician Jack River, score business tips from entrepreneur Tess Robinson and get to know the Worn for Good girls. In this issue, we turn up the heat on climate change accountability, reveal how you can help bushfire-ravaged towns and offer ways to tread lightly on the planet. In our WILD wellness section, you’ll shake up your sex perspectives, learn how to be poo proud, stop your cortisol from peakin’ and keep your hormones calm. You’ll also discover what it really means to be an ethical consumer, how tech-fashion is shaping the future and some of our favourite sustainable clothing brands. But wait, there’s more! Explore photographer Todd Clare’s Mindscapes and how Nicola Jane’s beautifully illustrates the female form. Learn how to green your money, our latest bookclub crush and your horoscopes for the month ahead. Plus, loads and loads more!


Wellbeing WILD Magazine Subscription 2 year deal
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