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Being #02

Product Code: BNG02



What's in this issue you cannot miss:

Each story in the second issue of Being magazine reminds you in its own right of the wonder and awe that exists by simply living and breathing in this moment. While immersing in the Norwegian countryside, Otway forest or Cornish coast can restore your spirit, which we explore in this issue, this same restoration is available to you at home if you’re fully present in your experience, which we share in stories on intuitive eating, mindful bread making, plant-based food, permaculture practices, holistic menstruation education and sustainable beauty solutions. Soak up words of wisdom from author and illustrator Meredith Gaston, discover your dharma, embrace your creative expression, trust being your wholehearted self, drop into mindfulness, practise holding space and rewire your brain for calm. Be inspired by the sacred practice of reiki, the healing benefits of a float tank and much, much more in your copy of Being magazine. 



Being is a companion for starting up, stepping out, finding your feet, falling over and doing it all again with joy and compassion. 

Being is you own clear space for finding quality in-mind time.   We source the best stories from the most interesting young writers on the theme of cultivating balance, ease and calm in life.  We aim to leave you feeling inspired…  

Just being can be a brilliant thing.  

This is what we’re about at Being

  • We appreciate mindfulness + spirituality + self-development
  • We respect for mental, physical and emotional health + wellbeing
  • We believe in Nourishment of the body + mind  
  • We understand the power of human connection (with self + others)
  • We cares for the environment, nature + sustainability
  • We are passionate about travel, adventure + exploring


We are direct, kind, nurturing, practical, inspiring, short, sharp and a bit quirky.  We hope that you come to see your time with Being like time with a caring friend.

Being #02
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