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WellBeing Magazine Subscription (with bonus Outdoor Design books)

Product Code: TLA21

Cover price: $12.00

12 months $96.01 $65.00 (per issue $8.13 you save 32%)



As a partner of The Landscape Association and to celebrate all the women in landscaping, Universal Media Co would love to offer you a special subscription offer for two of our titles that you will surely love.


Enjoy 6 issues of WellBeing magazine (RRP $72)


2 issues of Outdoor Design magazine (RRP $19.90)


(Save over $25)

About WellBeing magazine

Wellbeing is a bi-monthly magazine that connects readers to their desire to live well in the real world, in harmony with the body, mind and nature. It’s about community, relationships, health, travel, work and ultimately aims to inspire readers to live their best life.

About Outdoor Design magazine

Outdoor Design is a bi-annual magazine showcases the works of the best residential landscape designers and innovators in the country. Each 200-plus-page edition provides an overview of the styles, ideas, products, designers and builders available for a gorgeous outdoor design.

WellBeing Magazine Subscription (with bonus Outdoor Design books)
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