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EatWell Magazine 24 month extension (12 issues)

Product Code: EW24EX

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24 months $144.00 $99.00 (per issue $8.25 you save 31%)



Join the EatWell community! Featuring more than 70 recipes in each edition, EatWell offers you quick, tasty and healthy meal solutions in a beautifully designed magazine. Discover fantastic tips and tricks from well-known chefs, nutritionists, naturopaths and food bloggers who are passionate about good food and health. Often, food and health are viewed as separate but at EatWell we take a holistic approach and believe they work together. Chefs are busy people with busy lives and, like you, they can’t smear duck fat on every potato or cook an eight-course degustation each night. One thing they do have in common with everyday home cooks is that they love healthy, wholesome and nourishing food. Grab yourself a copy and out-source your weekly cooking and baking to people who love healthy, great food

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EatWell Magazine 24 month extension (12 issues)
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