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Grand Designs Australia Kitchens and Bathrooms Bookazine

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The Grand Designs Australia Kitchens and Bathrooms

Two of the most important rooms in every home, the kitchen and bathroom, have come a long way from the humble spaces they once were. And with the variety of materials, finishes, appliances and gadgets available today, the design of your kitchen and bathroom can be as simple or grand as your imagination and budget will allow.

Projects this issue illustrate many different design ideas and material options, from timber and stone to ceramic and mosaic, glass, metal and much more. Designers have myriad options to choose from when creating these spaces and with technology on hand, consumers can even walk through their proposed rooms — albeit virtually — before they commit to undertaking what can be a costly building project.

The kitchen and bathroom design and layout you choose for your home should reflect the way you live, work and access the spaces, so before you start, planning is key. Sit with your designer and work through your areas in meticulous detail. Well-designed kitchens and bathrooms that use quality materials and workmanship should serve you well into the future. That’s why it pays to do it once and do it well.

Grand Designs Australia Kitchens and Bathrooms Bookazine
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