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Good Organic Gardening Magazine 7.3

Product Code: GOG073



In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #7.3

For anyone thinking of setting up a new above-ground bed, or beds, why not go the wicking way? No water wasted and no thirst stress on your plants. You can even go on holidays and know your plants won’t go thirsty. It’s something that’s not hard to do at the planning stage but more difficult once the bed is set up, so we show from scratch how one gardener designed and constructed his wicking beds.

On top of all that we have Claire Bickle’s What’s on the Menu?, a comprehensive coverage of all the organic options you have for feeding your plants and improving your soil in this exciting time of growth and productivity in the garden.

Until summer, happy gardening

Good Organic Gardening Magazine 7.3
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