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Grand Designs Australia Magazine Issue 5.5

Product Code: GDA055



This issue: Grand Designs Australia issue 5.3

It seems Grand Designers always love to push the boundaries when building and diehard conservationists Nigel and Nina Eberhard are no exception. Their 135 square metre house in Turners Beach, Tasmania, was designed to work with the natural environment and disturb the land as little as possible. Despite a few setbacks — but never compromising their ideal — the end result prompted Peter Maddison to comment that “there should be more homes like this.”

And one of our favourite adaptive-reuse projects so far, the Northcote Vinegar Factory in Melbourne offers all those elements that so many of us love: character, proximity to shops, cafes, transport, employment, schools and everything else the city has on offer. This gritty, former factory is now a fabulous, light-filled, spacious home and office. 


Grand Designs Australia Magazine Issue 5.5
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