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Good Organic Gardening Magazine 8.4

Product Code: GOG084




In this issue of Good Organic Gardening #8.4

This issue we have three stories of group gardening. One is a lush Queensland community garden that welcomes members and non-members alike. Another is a Permablitz group where members pitch in for a full day and blitz one member’s patch after developing a design for it. The third is a not-for-profit farm designed to engage people with physical, intellectual and psychological disabilities and train them for future employment.

It’s also something of a herbal special with stevia, curry leaf tree, salad burnet, lemongrass and galangal all featured, mainly for their intense culinary appeal but also some impressive health benefits. Plus, for the vegie patch we have beetroot, beans, squash and yam, along with a fruit fix in the luscious form of heirloom blueberries.

In our new ornamentals section Jennifer applauds the return of the rose to our gardens, with newer varieties that are beautiful, fragrant and easier to grow than in the past. And they’re not just pretty faces — their petals and fruit (rose hips) are edible, too.

Good Organic Gardening Magazine 8.4
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