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Grand Designs Australia Magazine Australia Day Deal

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At Grand Designs Australia Magazine we believe in the transformative power of good design. This magazine showcases the best houses from the Australian and UK TV shows along with projects by Australian homeowners, architects, builders, renovators, owner-builders and designers. In each issue, Editors Peter Maddison and Kate St James, scour the countryside to bring you the most stunning designer homes, many of which have not yet been seen on TV, and tell the roller coaster story of how design facilitates lifestyle. Featured homes cover a diversity of styles and budgets; some new builds, some conversions, and some renovations. Each issue is a also sourcebook of quality design – complete with floor-plans, look guides, designers, contacts and signature products to inspire a rethink of your own home space.

About the TV show:

Grand Designs Australia TV show is hosted by Peter Maddison and tells the stories of new home and the people who are building them. This popular series charts the process of elaborate design projects undertaken by self builders.


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Grand Designs Australia Magazine Australia Day Deal
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