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As winter closes in, it can feel tougher to find the energy to consider your renovation — some chocolate, a glass of wine and some time out on the couch are far more appealing when it’s cold outside. But we think winter is the perfect time to plan for your new space — after all, you’ll be using it year-round!

For a little cold-weather inspiration, we’ve gathered up some amazing spa-style products and fittings perfect for any bathroom on page 48. They’re all designed with wellness in mind, so those suffering from the common winter cold are going to want to take a look.

Those who need to feel the promise of warmth could always try a different hemisphere. On page 56, we’ve quizzed an expert on European style and have rounded up some amazing products to help you chase a taste of modern Europe in your own kitchen. If you’re after even more European touches, we’ve tested some of the latest and greatest in espresso machines on page 74 — and the results might surprise you.

If you’re still feeling like the reno could wait until warmer times, page 38 is a must-visit. We’ve had a chat with some of the owner’s whose kitchens were featured on Reno Rumble — and if their homes can look this good in a week, imagine what you could do with a whole season!

Finally, for things you’d like to keep cold forever, we’ve asked the experts for their tips on picking a fridge in any price range on page 70. And over in the pantry, KBQ’s Alexandra has rounded up some seriously amazing storage solutions on page 64.

We hope this edition is a balm for the winter blues, or fuels a frenzy of cool progress!

Jill - Editor

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