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Australian Road Rider Bike Guide #10

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Road Rider Bike Guide #10


Who’d have thought it; the second biggest-selling road bike (behind the venerable ‘postie’) in Australia during 2016 was the Harley-Davidson XG500, a LAMS-approved cruiser that looks every bit the part. Interestingly, the next best-selling bike was the Yamaha YZF-R3, another LAMS-approved bike. In fact, out of the top 10-selling road bikes last year, eight were learner-approved motorbikes, with half of that figure showing an increase in sales. To me, this tells us that more and more young people are riding bikes.

It’s safe to say ‘old school’-styled bikes are cool again, with the big manufacturers jumping on board with modern twists to old bikes. Some are even encouraging customisation, with a wide range of accessories available to tailor your bike to your own style. You only have to look at Yamaha’s XSR series, BMW’s RTnine or Ducati’s new Scrambler to see how manufacturers are catering for the leisure motorcyclist, the rider who wants the look of yesteryear but with modern reliability and updated handling.

Alternatively, if you’re not a hipster or chasing the old-school look, there are loads of other options out there, from tourers and adventure bikes through to supersports and cruisers. For me, I’m going to take another look at some of the old-school bikes and enjoy my overpriced coffee. 


Inside this issue we have all bikes covered:



Retro Naked


Sports Touring

Adventure Touring


Motard and Super Motard

Enduro and Trail

Australian Road Rider Bike Guide #10
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