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Pets magazine is an exciting magazine for kids and families who love their pets and want to learn more about responsible pet ownership.

This magazine is a great kids magazine that features articles on dog and cat breeds as well as birds, fish, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, horses, reptiles, native wildlife and exotic creatures.

The publication showcases the latest information on nutrition, grooming, training and animal welfare. Regular sections include Pet News, Me And My Pet, How To, Around The World, Freebies, Reviews, Ask Your Vet, Train Your Pet, as well as competitions, posters, puzzles and more.

PETS #73

PETS 73 is our small animal special, jam-packed with all the fabulous facts about pint-sized pets that you could imagine. Whether you’re tossing up between owning a rabbit and a mouse, looking for the ultimate tips when it comes to raising a guinea pig or simply looking for some good reasons to own a bunny, we have you covered with our small animal special.

Of course, that’s not all we have in store. We have some great articles on getting back to basics with your tricks, learning the best way to greet your dog, and finding out if your pet really loves you (spoiler alert — we’re sure she does!).

Pets Magazine subscription
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