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Beach & Bayside Homes Bookazine (2015)

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How many of us dream of living by the water? In Australia we have a lifestyle envied around the world. With warm summers and temperate winters, we can enjoy the beauty of the ocean or bays throughout the year.

Creating homes or apartments to take advantage of these views requires expert design as no two coastal locations have the same topography or climate. Knowledge of local conditions is vital when considering a building site for a coastal home as weather conditions can change in an instant, and those conditions will impact the way your home withstands those elements. It is from the experts, then, that we have selected our favourite projects from across the country, and around the world, to share with you. Each one is a unique expression of its designer’s vision and homeowner’s desire. We believe these beautiful homes capture the essence of relaxed, sophisticated coastal living.

Beach and Bayside Homes provides you with all the inspiration and information you need to create your own piece of coastal paradise.

Additional Information

Year published: 2015

Size: 230mm x 297mm

Pages: 160

Material: made from premium quality paper