Beach & Bayside Homes (2021)
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Beach & Bayside Homes (2021)

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"When asked what attracts us to the coastline, the responses from the architects we interviewed for Beach & Bayside Homes bookazine were as varied as their design concepts – therapeutic, calming, cooling, dynamic, engaging, energising, restorative, soulfood. The curative properties of the coastal environment on physical and emotional wellbeing are well documented. Access to the coastline for Australians is fundamental. A seaside jaunt satisfies a close connection to nature and the prospect of sand, salt and surf balances adventure with simplicity. We crave more. Building in this landscape presents challenges and design solutions draw on materials that are robust and environmentally appropriate. Briefs vary in budget and intent, and then there’s taste. A huge thanks to the architects for their informative chats, the photographers for supporting them, and the opportunity to showcase this collection of diverse and impressive talent." -Meryl Hancock, Editor

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Year published: 2021

Size: 230mm x 297mm

Pages: 164

Material: made from premium quality paper