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Quilters Companion Magazine Issue 71

Product Code: QUC071



Issue 71 February/March 2015

In this issue of Quilters Companion Magazine. Learn Trapunto with Deborah Louie, cool tools for quiltmaking, New Zealand floral wall-hanging series with Hazel foot. And, this issue comes with a FREE DVD: Deborah Louie teaches you trapunto.

We kick off 2015 in a big way with an outstanding line-up of quilt projects from Australia’s leading quiltmakers including Karen Cunningham, Katrina Hadjimichael, Lynelle Slade and Jane Davidson. We are joined by New Zealand quilter Hazel Foot, who will begin a beautiful series of New Zealand flora quilts. We also feature a project from US quilter Jacquelynne Steves. Visit the studio of award-winning art quilter Susan de Vanny and discover how Bernadine Hine created her stunning Coreopsis quilt. Very excitingly we have Deborah Louie back to share more of her machine quilting skills; this time she will be showing you how to create exquisite trapunto quilting and we have her second and final article with all you need to know about batting.

Quilters Companion Magazine Issue 71
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