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The Craft-mas in July Gift Shop

The Craft-mas in July Gift Shop

Welcome to our pop up Craft- mas gift shop! A one-stop shop for the crafter this Christmas! 

Looking for fun but sew sweet Craft-mas in July gift idea? How about unique christmas present ideas? Christmas gifts should be fun, special and unique. But most of all, they should be jam packed full of love! Find stocking stuffer gifts, handmade gift ideas, quilts from beginners to advanced, and unique Secret Santa gift ideas that will keep them inspired and busy with projects for the next 12 months! 

 Books, magazines, bundle deals and crafty subscription deals - there is something for everyone in our craft corner.

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Homespun Magazine 2-year deal (12 issues)
Homespun magazine is a place of inspiration; it combines creative techniques with a vast array of st..
Progress Puzzles Magazine subscription
The next thing in Puzzling is here....   There will be FOUR different magazines in the ..
Progress Puzzles: Crosswords & Word Finder Pack
Get the 2 issues of Progress Puzzles Crosswords and 2 issues of Progress Puzzles Word Find..
Progress Puzzles: Crosswords Back Issues Pack
Get Progress Puzzles Crosswords issue #1 and #2 for only $14! ..
Progress Puzzles: Mixed Puzzles Back Issues Pack
Get Progress Puzzles Mixed Puzzles issue #1 and #2 for only $14! ..
Progress Puzzles: Series #1 Collection Pack
Get the first issues of Progress Puzzles for only $27! What's in this pack: Mixed #1, Crossw..
Progress Puzzles: Word Finder Back Issues Pack
Get Progress Puzzles Word Finder issue #1 and #2 for only $14! ..
Quilters Companion Magazine 2-year deal (12 issues + 2 issues GAQ)
Quilters Companion is the most inspiring and unique patchwork and quilting magazine to hit the Austr..
Homespun + Quilters Companion bundle
With this craft special offer you get : 6 issues of Australian Homespun magazine + 6 issues of Qu..
Creative Stash and Scrap Quilts Bookazine
Do you often feel guilty about how much money you have spent on fabric, or how much fabric..