Wellbeing Astrology 2016

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This is a special edition for us here at WellBeing Astrology. Our 2016 annual is our 12th publication and
marks the magazine’s Jupiter return. In honour of Jupiter, we’ve drawn on the symbolism of Jupiter in
Virgo (August 11, 2015 – September 9, 2016), an earth sign, and created a magazine full of practical tips,
insights and techniques to help you make meaningful improvements in your life.
In 2016, the cosmos pulses with curiosity and a renewed sense of possibility. A willingness to turn the
next corner can lead you towards the knowledge and insight you crave. As you open your
mind, you evolve and adapt, and doors will open before your inquisitive spirit.
May you take every opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in 2016.

Wellbeing Astrology 2016
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