WellBeing Magazine Issue 157

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Issue 157

In our 'Nurture me' edition we look at being happily single, yoga and the bandha basics, green-clean your home, cooking with medicinal spices, and our special report on ethical eating.

WellBeing magazine issue 157 gives you much-needed space to nurture yourself. This winter, take time out to practise self-care and relax with articles that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Read about healing through the Hoffman Process, explore simple moments of silence and discover how to be happily single. We take an in-depth look at the practice of mindfulness, learn about the bandhas in an invigorating yoga sequence and uncover the different astrological cycles of change.

We also focus on our beautiful planet and its bounty. We investigate how to eat ethically and explore the future of our food, and speak to NZ eco-warrior Malcolm Rands. Read how to green clean your home, keep your locks naturally luscious, balance gut health and cook with medicinal spices. Find out why Tasmanians pride themselves on being “clean and green” and how Cambodia’s cities are growing beyond sustainable measures. Plus, nourish yourself with loads and loads more!

WellBeing Magazine Issue 157
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