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One of Australasia’s most respected wellbeing, natural health and lifestyle magazine. If you are passionate about natural health, WellBeing has practical information and inspiration for your mind, body and soul.

Current issue now on sale - WellBeing issue 173 February/March 2018

WellBeing #173 offers inspiration for living an authentic and purposeful life. Have you found your groove for the year? Excited about work and enjoying the lingering feeling of renewal after a long holiday break? Perhaps you’re wishing you were still in holiday mode, lazing on the beach? Don’t worry, in this issue, you’ll discover how to stay in (or return to) the “flow” state, a unique stage of consciousness that’s associated with happiness. You’ll also learn Zhàn Zhuãng, a standing meditation, how to embrace your dark side, ways to balance your lower chakras and what the planets have in store for you over the next three years. Next, we talk to cartoonist Michael Leunig on life’s challenging lessons, explore the power of drumming circles, how to create a musical home and, for the kids, share some tasty lunchbox treats. Discover the pros and cons of modern parenting, community living and the devastating Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In our special report, you’ll learn natural remedies for back pain, plus we take an in-depth look at beauty solutions for acne and self-confidence. And, if you still haven’t had enough, discover our great tips for staying healthy while travelling and test them out when you journey to Soca Valley in Slovenia — it might even spark some travel plans for 2018!

Wellbeing Magazine Subscription
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