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WellBeing Predictions Almanac #6 (2021 edition) - PRE-ORDER ONLY

Product Code: WBPA6



*PRE-ORDER NOW! Delivery will be available in October 2020*

What will 2021 bring you?

NATIONAL OUTLOOKS for 12 countries including:


New Zealand

The United States

The United Kingdom



North Korea

…and more


How will we recover from our pandemic year?

BUSINESS in 2021:

Your business’s numerology for the year ahead

Calculate your business’s astrology chart


Predictive Perspectives for 2021:

The year of the Yin Metal Ox — back to work

Native American Astrology — what your totem reveals

Dreamtime - The Year of the Bat

Western Astrology Sun-Sign Predictions

What does a “number 5 year” mean for you?

WellBeing Predictions Almanac #6 (2021 edition) - PRE-ORDER ONLY
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