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Colour Me Creative

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Colouring books are a great alternative to art therapy and can help you relax, reduce stress and boost mental clarity. Some therapists believe that colouring takes us back to our childhood when life was simpler. This well established technique was practiced by Psychologists such as Carl Jung over 100 years ago where he had his patients colouring mandalas to help with relaxation and self-discovery.

Adult colouring books are believed to have a number of benefits:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mindfulness mirroring the effects of meditation


Colour Me Creative colouring book is the first of two in a new Gold Line series ‘For The Love of Ink’.

Gold Line is the new thing in colouring books – colour between gold lines and you get an entirely new effect. “I looked around and wanted to deliver a creative experience with a designer edge,” said Creative Director Kate Podger. “The illustrations are designed to be artworks to hang in your home celebrating fashion, home design elements such as iconic pendant lights and abstract art with a nod to mid twentieth century advertising posters, art deco and art nouveau styles all with a contemporary twist.”

These beautifully crafted colouring books are designed by people who colour:

  • Gold lines look stunning when coloured in.
  • Mix of blocks, patterns and panels so you get variety.
  • Line art designed to be workable in a variety of mediums; texta, pencil and ink.
  • Original designs created for hand colouring.
  • Designs are more graphic and less paisley/mandala.
  • Designed to fit the 8 x 10” frame (the most commonly sold frame in Australia) so if you love your work you can hang it in a frame from major big box retailers.
Colour Me Creative
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