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WFH with Wellbeing WILD Magazine Subscription

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Issue #1

Are you one of the WILD ones? Meet WILD, a new publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers and paradise creators. WILD is for those going against the grain, swimming upstream, standing boldly in the arena, asking the hard questions and doing the prickly work – on themselves and the way they create their lives. In each issue of WILD, you’ll find mega nuggets of gold around five big topics: relationships, self, style, the world and hustle. In our inaugural issue, you’ll meet sexologist Juliet Allen, tinsel queen Rachel Bourke and Mary from The Indigo Project. Explore gender expressions, get intimate with your gut, shake-up self-help and learn how to deal with your anxiety – especially when you’re not dealing. Get WILD with Heidi Lenffer from Cloud Control who shares the future of music touring while yoga teacher Dana Diament talks myofascial release. Learn how to treat your monthly cycle nicely – and naturally, how to make friends in adulthood, the pros and cons of working from home and side hustle vs hype culture. If you feel like exploring, our photo essays will take you to New Jersey, the east coast of Australia and to Italy’s stunning Amalfi Coast. Admiring our gorgeous cover art? It’s by French duo Sacrée Frangine and you can read more about the talented French duo inside. Plus, learn why ethical fashion is the only way forward, how to respectfully visit Indigenous Australia and so much more!


WFH with Wellbeing WILD Magazine Subscription
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