EatWell Magazine Issue #53
EatWell Magazine Issue #53
EatWell Magazine Issue #53
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EatWell Magazine Issue #53

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In EatWell #53, we celebrate food in all its glory. Dive into healthy green meals that blend vitality with flavour and explore the nutritious charm of radish and silverbeet. Discover the mood-boosting magic of cooking as therapy, learn how to diversify your diet with iron-rich plant-based foods and enjoy work lunches designed to keep you productive and energised. Explore dinners that save you time and money such as a Mexican chicken tray bake or vegetarian one-pan lasagne.

Embark on a Swiss culinary journey and let your kids take over the kitchen with fun and easy recipes like apple caramel tart and herb and sesame chicken nuggets. Finally, embrace the often-overlooked parsnip with creative recipes that highlight its delicious potential. This issue is packed with over 100 recipes, expert tips and inspiring stories to make your cooking experience enriching and enjoyable. Get ready to nourish your body, mind and soul with EatWell #53.


With over 100 recipes EVERY edition, Eat Well magazine is packed with quick tasty and healthy meal solutions!

As you enter the magazine you encounter regular tips from the chefs and bloggers that have helped us put each issue together. They impart their first-hand experience. As the story unfolds you get a sense that our chefs actually do care about good food and health. Too often we’ve seen these things as separate, but in the real world they belong together. Chefs are busy people with busy lives – like you they can’t smear duck fat on every potato, but they love a fresh coriander papaya Barramundi salad on the run…

Life’s short…. outsource your food plan to people who love healthy good food.


Frequency: Qurterly