Smart Food Ideas Recipe Makeovers
Smart Food Ideas Recipe Makeovers
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Smart Food Ideas Recipe Makeovers

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Let’s face it. Some of your favourite recipes no longer work with your new healthy eating style. But it’s hard to give up those go-to dishes that you’ve loved for so long. Instead of giving up your favorites, perhaps it’s time for a recipe makeover. In our Test Kitchens, we’ve figured out how to make the most decadent recipes more healthful, without sacrificing one bit of flavor. Just as the HGTV stars take some of the worst houses in the neighborhood and turn them into dream homes, we take some of the worst recipes, in terms of fat and calories, and turn them into dream dishes that help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Just like in a home renovation, we begin with a good foundation: plenty of fruits and vegetables and an emphasis on whole grains and lean proteins.

Then we add pizzazz with unlikely ingredients that add colour and texture as well as nutritional benefits. We’ve also come up with some new cooking techniques to boost flavor but lower fat. Because everybody loves a “before and after” view, we provide the nutrition values for the “before” recipe as well as the new and improved nutrition values. With a little creativity, we were able to “remodel” 67 traditionally high-calorie, high-fat recipes and reduce the calories, sodium, fat, or sugar by half or more. We hope you enjoy these amazing recipe transformations.

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Year published: 2023

Size: 220mm x 300mm

Material: made from premium quality paper