WellBeing Yoga Experience #8 Cover
WellBeing Yoga Experience #8
WellBeing Yoga Experience #8
WellBeing Yoga Experience #8
WellBeing Yoga Experience #8
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WellBeing Yoga Experience #8

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Whether you’re new to yoga or a committed yogi, WellBeing Yoga Experience aims to give you the tools you need to deepen your exploration. Our writers are experienced yoga instructors who live in the real world. They’ve interviewed well-regarded yoga teachers, delved into yogic texts, and drawn on years of practice to bring you hands-on advice, helpful posture sequences, and a deeper insight into this inspiring, connecting ancient wisdom.

What’s inside?

This issue of WellBeing Yoga magazine is a celebration of the intricacies between yoga philosophy and the physical practice, and how we require both yin and yang energies to meet ourselves where we’re at, moment to moment. Each yogi gracing these pages is a creator not just with words, but with how they approach their unique practice. Learn about the “three jewels”, the wisdom of beginners' yoga, balancing effort and ease and infusing yoga’s philosophies into everyday life. Deepen your practice through self-study, mantra and sound, the Yoga Sutras and sense withdrawal. Explore the guru concept, the hidden psoas muscle and prenatal yoga and meditation, as well as yoga for self-study, happy hormones and a fulfilling career. Nourish yourself with yin and restorative yoga, and discover how Vedic meditation and contentment are powerful practices for cultivating inner peace.

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Additional Information

  • Year Published: 2022
  • Size: 210mm x 297mm
  • Pages: 130
  • Material: Made from premium quality paper